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I gained my inspiration from the sand dunes of the Danish seaside, and especially as they encompass the parts of the shore that are covered with grass. For me, this environment has always radiated tranquility, and this is what I wanted to illustrate in a somewhat warmer form, with textile. This is what this textile picture aims to show.
The material of the picture is wool string and felt, as well as raw wool and hemp. The two pinned parts on the sides contain both shorter and longer threads, symbolizing blades of grass. After completion, I pinned extra threads from hemp rope to the threads left free, and spun them apart, providing support for the wool strings.
I pinned the work on a textile background, leaving space for the felt “path” in between. As a next step, I placed the 5 mm thick felt between the two pinned parts, cut to shape, and scratching the surface a bit, in order to be able to apply some more raw wool. I also placed wool at the joints, and in between the threads; these require further gluing. With the raw wool, I would like to illustrate the sand blasts, so the picture shows the flow we can also see in nature.

Price: 150.00 huf

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